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Ristorante Verona
288 Lancaster Avenue
Frazer, Pennsylvania
(610) 644-7464

Rocco Desiderio, who has owned dining establishments in New York City and New Jersey, is a seasoned restaurateur. And his experience is quite evident. At his latest culinary venture - Ristorante Verona, located in the Shops of Knob Hill in Frazer - the redoubtable and spiffily attired Mr. Desiderio is always on hand to make certain that your evening (or afternoon) at table is a pleasant one.

The interior of his establishment, which is divided into three intimate dining alcoves, is dressed up in eye-catching brushed brunt orange walls. There's a touch of casual elegance here, sophisticated but not at all intimidating.

And the cuisine, courtesy of Chef Fabrizio Spina, fits right in, as it exudes a refined rusticity that succeeds in satisfying the soul as well as placating the palate. Homey salads, for example, make splendid opening moves. The Caesar ($5.95) beguiles with pristinely fresh torn leaves of romaine, crunchy, oven-baked croutons, Parmesan cheese, and an invigorating homemade dressing with just enough zip to tantalize your delicate taste buds. The roasted eggplant salad ($8.95) is another excellent starter. Discs of fresh mozzarella are pillowed on meaty tomato slices and interspersed with perfectly grilled eggplant segments. A sprinkling of olive oil and dash of Italian herbs add appropriate finishing touches.

Other appetizers include exceedingly tender calamari fritti served up with a spicy marinara sauce ($7.95) and a very nice miniature crab cake ($9.95). There is more mashed potato filler here than jumbo crabmeat, but the presentation is highly recommended nonetheless; and the rich lobster brandy sauce adds a deliciously decadent consummating note.

My favorite among the starters, though, is one of the daily specials: broccoli rabe with sweet Italian sausage ($9.95). The epicenter of greenery is just the right texture, firm but not chewy, and the color is a vibrant green. It is flanked by the sausage, savory and succulent, split lengthwise.

Among the pasta dishes, I am particularly fond of the orecchiette - "little ears" - ($12.95). The pasta is cooked to a perfect al dente, garnished with fresh broccoli florets and tender chunks of sautéed chicken breast, and finished with a touch of garlic and olive oil. The homemade potato gnocchi with a rich tomato sauce ($12.95) is also quite good, albeit a tad on the doughy side. For more rustic renditions, be sure to try the penne Bolognese ($12.95) or the spaghetti con polpette ($12.95), fresh pasta enhanced with a generous apportionment of meatballs.

Regular highly recommended entrées include a tender, juicy veal chop crowned with a plethora of sautéed mushrooms and onions (Market Price) and cut-like-butter textured 8-ounce filet basking in a luscious red wine demi-glace reduction ($26.95); although the latter was companioned by vegetables that tasted as if they'd spent considerable time skinny-dipping in the Great Salt lake.

Piscatorial possibilities, usually offered as nightly specials, are also worthy of consideration. The two sampled, however, -- flounder and tilapia - were recited without tariffs and, despite the impeccable good health and quality of presentation, seemed a bit pricey at $26.95. The former, cooked up francese - white wine sauce tinctured with lemon - was a bit on the viscous side; but the latter, prepared livornese - "leghorn-style" with white wine, olive oil, capers, chopped garlic, tomatoes, and parsley - was right on the money.

Desserts ($5.95) offer a nice finishing touch to your evening at table. The Italian rum cake is quite good, ditto the tiramisù and amaretto cake; and a potent jolt of espresso ($2.50) makes a most suitable companion.

If you can't make dinner, be sure to stop by for lunch, which is available Monday through Friday, 11:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

February 2006
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