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Restaurant Rosalie
3401 Skippack Pike
Cedars, Pennsylvania
(610) 584-1680

(Restaurant Now Closed)

I was somewhat shocked and deeply saddened... but, I must confess, not terribly surprised when I learned that Restaurant Rosalie in Cedars, PA, would serve up its last entrée this coming Saturday, February 27th.

This charming diminutive BYOB was an undiscovered little jewel, which, despite my glowing review and a spirited word-of-mouth campaign in our community and the surrounding area, remained, unfortunately, undiscovered. Tucked away in a small group of shops off the Skippack Pike, Restaurant Rosalie just wasnt that easy to find. And during our three visits  the last with friends on Valentines weekend  the restaurant was practically empty. It was, I fear, a victim of that age-old problem for small businesses in general  and restaurants in particular: Location! Location! Location!

These are tough economic times, especially for small individually owned eateries& but, as a dedicated diner and professional restaurant critic, I desperately wanted Restaurant Rosalie to succeed. And its demise is surely a testimony to the apathy and complete lack of gastronomic savoir faire on the part of the general dining public, most of whom wouldnt know a caper from a rat turd, preferring the innocuous ambiance and prefab fodder of the various and sundry chain chophouses to the lovingly prepared and beautifully presented authentic cuisine of accomplished local chefs and restaurateurs.

There is, however, some cause for optimism, as Rosalies chef/proprietor Gregory C. Ott, Jr., has left the door open for a possible reopening at a later date in a new location. In the meantime, you may continue to check out the Restaurants Website for future updates.

Bon Appétit!

The Artful Diner
February 2010

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