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The Sumney
1610 West Point Pike
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
(215) 699-5693
http:// www.thesumney.com

Sign in Parking LotIf you’re in search of a venue suitable for the celebration St. Patrick’s Day, and are somewhat UNDER-whelmed by the local usual suspects, you might consider a short drive to The Sumney in Lansdale.

The Sumney bills itself as “An American Bistro with an Irish Accent…” but there’s certainly enough Gaelic gastronomy going on here to keep you happy. For example: There’s Irish potato soup, a thick, rich, creamy concoction flavored with a hint of bacon and garnish of cheddar cheese; Irish nachos; Irish potato skins; Irish fish ‘n’ chips, flounder lightly battered with Guinness and corn flakes; Irish farmhouse chicken; Irishman burger; Irish bash, a dessert of Irish cream mousse in a chocolate crust; and, of course, a host of Irish specialty coffees.

But the really good news about The Sumney is it diversity. It offers patrons a variety of “pub grub,” which it executes exceedingly well. The aforementioned fish ‘n’ chips, for instance, an American tweak on an old Irish specialty, is quite good, especially when paired with the pillow of crunchy, lightly battered fries. The grilled corned beef or turkey Reuben companioned by house made potato chips is also something of a must.

Sumney InteriorYou may also choose from an assortment of salads – chef, buffalo chicken, pub steak, stuffed tomato, etc. – cheese steaks, specialty sandwiches, and entrées (be sure to try the “Sgt. Williams Jarhead Meatloaf” spruced up with a mountain of mashed potatoes).

But if you can’t make St. Paddy’s Day proper, bear in mind that The Sumney serves up a hearty Irish country breakfast buffet each Sunday from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Tasty items include Irish oatmeal, bangers, O’Brien potatoes, and Irish scones, among others.

March 2012
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