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Veekoo Asian Cuisine
10th Avenue Shoppes
333 Tenth Avenue
Royersford, Pennsylvania
(610) 948-5433

Veekoo Asian Cuisine is the mean between two gastronomic extremes... between what I term the "Standard Chinese Sit-Downer" and the "Gourmet Dynasty." In the former, expect to find a full complement of assorted restaurant personnel, all ready, willing, and (usually) able to be of service to a highly diverse clientele that plans to stay put for a spell (as opposed to scruffy little take-out joints). Be prepared for décor that is generally nondescript, prices that are generally inexpensive/moderate, and food that is generally in the fair to good range. With regard to the latter, if you have yet to visit this new breed of Chinese chophouse, fasten your seatbelt. The chefs are imported, the menus stylishly artistic, and the waiters tuxedoed... ditto the tariffs. And the cuisine may or may not be on a par with the prices, ranging in scope from semi-good to extraordinary.

Despite its location in yet another characterless strip-mall, Veekoo's interior -- as opposed to the bland-leading-the-bland decorative scheme of the "Standard Sit-Downer" -- exudes a touch of understated elegance... yet without the outrageous tabs often generated by the "Gourmet Dynasty." And the food isn't bad either.

That is, when the kitchen sticks to Chinese cuisine. When it ventures into Thailand, however, the results are not nearly so auspicious. The chicken satay ($4.95) is dry and stringy and served up with a ho hum duck sauce rather than a provocative peanut sauce. And the supposedly spicy samba mango shrimp ($12.95) is really standard issue Chinese sweet and sour crustaceans attempting (unsuccessfully) to impersonate their betters. Even the crispy fried -- which instantly becomes soggy fried -- tilapia swimming in a zippy coconut sauce ($13.95) fails to hit the mark.

No, cast your lot with the Chinese offerings and you won't be disappointed. Each item, whether appetizer or entrée, is carefully prepared and attractively presented, as opposed to bearing uncanny resemblance to a mishmash that had inadvertently been dropped onto the plate from twenty-thousand feet. A pristine bed of shredded lettuce here, an alluring garnish there; these little extras clearly indicate that the kitchen goes out of its way to make the food as pleasing to the eye as it is pleasurable to the palate.

Among the starters, the pot stickers, both the Peking-style pork ($5.95) and the vegetable variety ($4.95), are excellent. The steamed dumplings are just the right texture -- not at all doughy -- and are seasoned just right. The egg rolls ($1.50) and soups ($2.00 - $6.95) don't set any new culinary standards, but all are quite satisfying preludes.

What would be considered main courses include: shredded pork in garlic sauce ($8.95); zippy Chinese eggplant ($8.95); sautéed fresh green beans ($7.95); sautéed spinach in crushed garlic ($7.95); Sweet & sour chicken ($8.95); jumbo shrimp with black bean sauce ($11.95).Yes, all the usual suspects are present and accounted for. But the key here is not to be found in originality but in consistency. As noted above, all are pristinely fresh, lovingly prepared, and nicely presented.

On the other hand, if you're more adventurous of palate -- and don't mind shelling out a little more long green -- the house favorites are highly recommended. The Tilapia ($14.95), for example, may be ordered pan-seared in a mild Chinese rice wine or sautéed with spicy Szechuan seasonings on a seabed of Mandarin noodles. You might also consider the zesty Mandarin lamb stew ($16.95) or the top-of-the-line Peking duck served with spring pancakes and other authentic accoutrements ($28.95).

Desserts are frozen Italian imports courtesy of Bindi. My advice is to take a bye and -- during the warmer weather -- scoot around the block to enjoy Nelson's delicious homemade ice cream (627 Walnut Street, 610-948-1282), a delicious conclusion to any meal.

March 2006
The Artful Diner

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